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Three neighbourhoods have been created, namely the Garrigue, Maquis and Plateau.  The Quartiers are the main concentrations of plots, with each being based around a single crest road.  Each Quartier is a smaller community of villas.  Diversity is present through the location, local landform, natural features, number of villas, aspect and available views. They vary from being larger with a higher number of villas in a ridgeline location with expansive views extending across the mountains to the sea, to more secluded and private locations with mountain views and fewer villas.  Landscape partitions subdivide crest roads into smaller groups of plots, reducing their scale for the resident. They provide a pathway link to both the communal open space at the heart of the Quartier and to the wider mountainsides. They have denser planting to filter longer views along the road reducing the visibility of villas in each direction.  The Locale is a sub-division of the Quartier and includes a select number of villas, often eight to twelve. This creates a more comfortable and private scale of living for the residents as they near their home. The streetscape view of extent of villas is limited. The Locale is an adapted landscape but still strongly influenced by the natural setting and physical character.


Included as part of the Quartiers are the Cluster plots. These plots will provide more communal living with, to a degree, shared external spaces. The clusters are located around the site and will reflect the local neighbourhood character. They are considered of equal importance to the villas, providing an alternative Minthis Hills lifestyle for more occasional use.


The Garrique landscape is characterised by higher elevations and low shrub and grass vegetation.  The spine road runs through its centre with several crest roads and quartiers branching off to the east and west.  A ribbon park extending fifteen metres beyond the road on either side, maintains the environmental quality of the plots and the natural and open landscape character.  It also provides a three metre wide meandering foot and cycle path.  The landscape design is informal to reflect the natural landscape with shrub and tree planting in soft organic flowing groups.  However, it is strategically located to form a robust landscape framework with a series of spaces, visual buffers, screening and framed views.  Tree planting is confined to smaller groups at key locations, while crest road junctions are signified by material changes and a localised formality in planting, reinforced by plot boundary walls. These serve to create gateways for the residents, as well as indicating semi-private spaces to the visitor, deterring casual entry.  The quartiers in the Garrique neighbourhood are generally smaller and more intimate than the Maquis and Plateau.


The plateau is dominated by Minthis Hills Golf course; the landscape is highly modified with extensive ground formation, manicured fairways, greens and formal tree planting. This neighbourhood houses the village square, clubhouse, spa and several clusters, resulting in a denser, more central form of development. The landscape design is comparatively formal, particularly around entrances, and denser with more emphasis on ornamental plant species, mutually providing a setting with the golf course. Plots along here are predominantly linear clusters which also provide a formality to the built form.


The Maquis has a more incised landform with smaller crests cut by ravines. It has an overall lower elevation and is to a degree slightly less exposed than the Garrigue. The vegetation is similar to the Garrique, but subtly differentiated by the overall lower elevations, taller and denser shrub groups and tree groups, particularly to the east.  The landscape is designed to be more natural with slightly denser and more enclosed planting. Tree planting is a feature, although still used in proportion to the natural planting. The eastern access road, as a no through route, will be used by residents only, and as such is designed as a residential road, being narrower and without a setback.  As with the Garrigue, junctions are signified by material changes and a density of planting as gateways.  The Maquis quartiers are generally larger than those in the Garrique.





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