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Landscaping (Resort)

The landscape philosophy is at the very core of the design principles, uniting built form and infrastructure together with the natural mountainous setting, providing a harmonious and balanced development and a truly inspiring experience.  At the Masterplan scale, the landscape philosophy is to allow the natural ruggedness and beauty of the Tsada Mountains to dominate and characterise the development. Such attributes are not able to be improved and should not be imposed upon.They provide the visual and experiential aesthetics that any designer could wish for- texture, depth and natural beauty.  A sequence of diverse spaces will be provided with a distinctly contemporary character, although drawing on traditional values and detail elements. 

The sculpting of the landform, cohesive paving treatments, robust planting strategy, unique features and inspired lighting are steeped in relevance, and together with the built form, are all sensitively planned to evoke a design worthy of this influential development. Drawing from the natural world the landscape materials will work together to deliver a robust living environment. Natural stone, sands, gravels, cobbles, hardwood timber, strategically placed boulders, ground modelling and selected plant species work together to create a refined rural character.  The landscape components will vary to define each space and to respond accordingly to the adjacent functions. The use of varied material treatments create an implied sense 

of progression between spaces and provide delineation between public and private realms. By subtly uniting key areas but retaining their unique sense of place, the landscape will offer a seamless series of spaces for all to enjoy.  Access to nature and open space is an innate need and a basic human desire - contact with nature both wild and designed enables people to live fuller, richer and healthier lives.  A vital resource for the community, whether visitor or resident, the development layout and its associated spaces provide an impressive outlook for the residential areas.   Drawing inspiration from the indigenous landscape character of the areas, the planting design will be an interpretation of the natural environment, which will minimize water requirements, thus preserving natural resources.




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