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Design philosophy

Minthis Hills is unique in its context and setting, two factors that have strongly influenced the masterplan. The masterplan design is sensitive to its setting and environment, ensuring that its distinctive character is retained.  The Masterplan has been designed to maximise compatibility. Compatibility is critical to ensure that the proposals respect and integrate with the existing environment, drawing inspiration from it in order to be congruent and integrated with the surroundings. The landform and natural beauty of the site is only capable of absorbing a certain capacity of development, which has been achieved through the correct balance of density and layout design. The vision for Minthis Hills is 

to create a unique destination for residents and visitors alike. Drawing on the natural physiology of the plants, the Masterplan is laid out with hierarchies branching off from a main stalk, reducing in scale for the resident as they enter their destination. The creation of hierarchies is important as it provides the resident with a series of scales upon entering the development. They will appreciate that they not only live in Minthis Hills, but furthermore live in this villa as part of that community, quartier, etc. This promotes individuality, identity and ultimately a greater sense of belonging. The layout is based around the creation of comfortable spaces, diversity of living opportunities, communities and strong

sense of place. Designed to create a harmonious balance between contemporary design and environment the masterplan integrates the residences into the landscape, nestling them along the natural contours of the land to protect the hilltops and ridges. The organic arrangement maximises the views, frontage and privacy of each residence while providing ample space for the clubhouse and amenities to form the heart of the resort.  A strong hierarchy of access relating to the progression between the public and private domain is critical to ensuring that both the visitor and resident experience is optimised.




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