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Resort concept

Spanning millions of square metres of untamed nature Minthis Hills offers seclusion in a remarkable rural setting. It was recognised at the outset that the density of development should be limited in order to ensure that the integrity of the mountainous character was retained. Density, massing and scale of the development are critical to ensure an exceptionally comfortable environment. Ensuring the correct balance between built form, infrastructure, open space and setting is integral to realising the project vision. To preserve the incredible landscape and provide residents with

unimaginable space, approx. 5% of the site will be built on, the rest will remain recreational space and undisturbed nature. Some areas of the site, such as the village centre and clubhouse will have a vibrant and busier character. Others primarily fulfil a topographical influence; the hills offering a recreational resource and peaceful retreat.Tranquillity is a key element of Minthis Hills, adding to the overall experience. Influenced by the inherent beauty of the Minthis Hills site, the areas rich heritage and abundant sun, Atkins created a masterplan to preserve and enhance the

natural features, minimise site intervention and maximise views. Designed to create a harmonious balance between contemporary design and environment the masterplan integrates the residences into the landscape, nestling them along the natural contours of the land to protect the hilltops and ridges. The organic arrangement maximises the views, frontage and privacy of each residence while providing ample space for the clubhouse and amenities to form the heart of the resort.



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