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Landscaping (Residence)

Each residence will feature a bespoke garden designed to follow the overall Minthis Hills landscaping principles and concept. The concept fuses luxury with sustainability; infinity pools and lawns are merged with indigenous Mediterranean planting requiring low maintenance and minimal water, while boundaries are created with planting thus providing privacy to the residents. Drawing inspiration from the indigenous landscape character of the areas, the planting design will be an interpretation of the natural environment. By using native and ornamental species the achievements of arid planting design can be optimised, while blending the

landscape into the surrounding area.  Boundaries are a key feature of any residential development in defining ownership. For Minthis Hills, whilst it is important to signify boundaries, it is also critical not to over emphasise them, as this may conflict with the characteristic openness of the mountains. In this manner boundaries are more subtly expressed as low walls, and planting, particularly to the front of the plot.  The landscape design respects the location by maintaining open boundaries to the rear and framing views with the side boundary treatment which provides screening to the adjacent property. The use of discrete

boundaries and the degree of expansive open views of the mountains, with much unencumbered by buildings, provides the resident with implied ownership of the wider landscape, thus providing the connection back to the Masterplan.  Driveways are functional elements of the front garden, thus car ports are located to the side, away from the villa front elevation, reducing visual clutter while providing more depth of view throughout each plot.  Terraces have been treated as external living spaces; elevated above the landform they increase the visual experience of the extraordinary landscape.



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