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Organic living

Minthis Hills offers an organic experience, blending style and sustainability in equal measure to ensure residents enjoy all the pleasures of Mediterranean living. With its largely natural state, the site is an important and protected ecological habitat. Of particular note is the resident Bonelli’s Eagle together with the rare Phleum Subulatum plant. At 560 metres above sea level the area enjoys a microclimate, benefitting from cool breezes and low humidity even during the summer. Residents will feel rejuvenated by the areas exceptionally pure air, while organic herb

and vegetable gardens together with vineyards and olive groves will enable them to enjoy growing and dining organically. At Minthis Hills residents will truly feel at one with nature while enjoying a refined living experience. Some areas of the site, such as the village centre and clubhouse will have a vibrant and busier character. Others primarily fulfil a topographical influence; the hills offering a recreational resource and peaceful retreat. Tranquillity is a key element of Minthis Hills, adding to the overall experience. In addition to the vehicular routes and parking, the methodology for the

public realm seeks to offer alternative modes of transport where possible. It is crucial to entice people to walk and cycle to these spaces, enriching the experiences these areas can offer on many levels.



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