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Eco-conscious design 

An astute approach to the legacy of the design has been adopted from the outset. Sustainability is a key feature of this ethos, using local materials where possible, creative use of landform, inert groundcovers, appropriately selected plant species and sustainable irrigation techniques. In this way, the landscape design can be ‘unfurled’, revealing a phased approach that does not over commit on local resources, such as water and energy. The entire Minthis Hills team from designers through to contractors is committed to preserving the rich history and natural beauty of the area throughout 

all stages of planning and development. The masterplan integrates the residences into the landscape, nestling them along the natural contours of the site to minimise environmental impact. Thoughtful arrangement of plot locations ensures preservation of the hilltops, ridges and views while the architectural form with its passive solar design responds to both climate and site. Careful villa orientation ensures optimal thermal and light performance while sustainable design strategies, such as solar energy harnessing and on-site water treatment reduce energy

requirements. Enhancement, restoration and preservation of the natural landscape, with appropriate reforestation and encouragement of biodiversity is part of our conservation effort, and will include planting of over 70,000 locally sourced native trees and shrubs, with minimal water requirements.


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