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A place to breathe

Spanning five million square metres of untamed nature Minthis Hills offers seclusion in a remarkable rural setting. It was recognised at the outset that the density of development should be limited in order to ensure that the integrity of the mountainous character was retained. Density, massing and scale of the development are critical to ensure an exceptionally comfortable environment. Ensuring the correct balance between built form, infrastructure, open space and setting is integral to realising the project vision. To preserve the incredible landscape and provide residents with 

unimaginable space, just 2% of the site will be built on, the rest will remain recreational space and undisturbed nature.


Air purity

With no heavy industry on the island, and close proximity to the sea, Cyprus’ air quality is invariably clear of chemical pollutants.  Minthis Hills adds a further fresh air dimension- a green environment. Scientific studies prove that green spaces improve both physical health and mental well-being. Green space is associated with a reduction 

in diseases equivalent to an increase of five years life expectancy.  As testimony to the clean air in Minthis Hills, trees on the resort and in the immediate surrounding area display a large amount of Lichen.  Lichen is a fungus which grows readily on rocks, soil and trees in unpolluted habitats. Lichens are very sensitive to air pollutants as they absorb water from the atmosphere and are unable to filter out pollutants. For this reason Lichen has been used as an air pollutant indicator by scientists since the early 1800’s.



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