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Local Rules

1. Out of Bounds (Rule 27)
A ball is out of bounds if it is:
a. Over any boundary fence or hedge
b. Beyond any line of white stakes

2. Water Hazards (Rule 26)
a. Water hazards are defined by yellow stakes
b. Lateral water hazards are defined by red stakes
c. The extent of the concrete water hazards are defined by the walls/ concrete, the extent of all other water hazards are defined by the line of the yellow or red stakes

3. Ground Under Repair (Rule 25)
Is defined by blue stakes, white paint and/or sign - relief must be taken in all situations

4. Immovable Obstructions (Rule 24.2)
a. Tarmac and gravel paths
b. Walls adjacent to paths/ditches/hazards
c. Stone tees and directional information plaques
d. Irrigation pipes and covers
e. Bridges
f. Staked trees and trees with stakes adjacent - relief must be taken
g. Drainage pipes and covers
h. Fixed sprinkler heads
i. The toilets behind the 3rd green
j. Access paths to and from tees and greens
k. The bell by the 6th green
l. Ball washers. In addition, if the ball lies off the putting green but not in a hazard and is within two club-lengths of an immovable obstruction that is on or within two club-lengths of the putting green and that intervenes on the line of play between the ball and the hole, the player may take relief without penalty as follows:

the ball may be marked, lifted, cleaned and dropped at the nearest point to where the ball lay that
i. is not nearer the hole,
ii. avoids such intervention, and
iii. is not in a hazard or on a putting green

5. Movable Obstructions (Rule 24.1)
Stones in bunkers, bunker rakes and all stakes on the course with the exception of boundary markers and out of bounds stakes

6. Allowing provisional ball to be played on 13th Hole
If there is doubt whether a ball has come to rest in, on or touching the water hazard surrounding the 13th green, the player may play another ball provisionally under the options of Local Rule 7. If the original ball is subsequently found outside the water hazard, the player must continue to play with it. If the original ball is subsequently found in the water hazard, or if it has not been found or identified within the five minute search period, the player must continue with the ball played provisionally

7. Island Green - Hole 13
A ball coming to rest on the stones, water lining (but not the wall) or entering the water surrounding the 13th green must with a penalty of one stroke be:
a. Dropped in the designated drop zone or
b. On the Teeing Ground: the ball to be played must be played from within the teeing ground. It may be played from anywhere within the teeing ground and may be teed or
c. Through the Green: The ball to be played must be dropped and when dropped must first strike a part of the course through the green

8. Use of distance measuring devices (Rule 14.3)
A player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only. If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g. gradient, wind speed, temperature, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3, for which the penalty is disqualification, regardless of whether any such additional function is actually used. If the device is capable of making and receiving phone calls, then it must be configured in such a way as to disable this feature for the duration of the round

9. Tee Surrounds: Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA)
If a ball is in an ESA defined as ground under repaired (blue stake with green top), a ball must be dropped in accordance with Rule 25-1b. If it is known or virtually certain that a ball that has not been found is in an ESA defined as ground under repair, the player may take relief, without penalty, as prescribed in rule 25-1c

Other temporary/seasonal local rules are displayed on the notice board. Penalty for breach of local rule:
match play - loss of hole | stroke play - 2 strokes



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