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  • Procedure for the submission and examination of applications
  • The application should be submitted on Form (M.67) to the Civil Registry and Migration Department or to the District Offices personally, through post or through a representative. It is noted that the applications submitted to District Offices shall be transferred to the Civil Registry and Migration Department directly, without any processing.
  • Applications which are submitted in Cyprus, personally, through a representative, or by post, shall be filed in an ordinary file (the applicant should ensure that each relevant document of the application is numbered with blue ink, from the first page to the last). A checklist of all necessary documents completed by the applicant or by a representative of the applicant must be submitted with the application form.
  • The application will be examined by the Civil Registry and Migration Department and shall be submitted to the Minister of the Interior, through the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, for a decision. Personal interviews are usually not necessary for this category permit.
  • The Ministry of Interior shall inform the applicant or the representative of the applicant and the Civil Registry and Migration Department, about the decision of the Minister of Interior.
  • The Immigration Permit shall not be cancelled, provided that the applicant visits Cyprus at least once every two years.
  • Provided that the criteria described in paragraph 1 are fulfilled and no further questions arise with respect to the Criminal Record of the applicant, or Public Order, the application shall be examined by the Minister of Interior in a positive spirit and the Immigration Permit shall be granted.
  • Following the publication of this announcement, any third country national who has already applied for a category F Immigration Permit may submit additional documents to the Civil Registry and Migration Department in order to fulfil the  above mentioned criteria and have the application examined according to the provisions of Regulation 6(2) of the Aliens and Immigration Regulations.
  • The period for the examination of the application described above shouldn't exceed 1-2 months.


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